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Mexico Vehicle Insurance – 6 Mexico Insurance Scenarios You Want To AVOID With Your Vehicle!

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Purchasing Mexico vehicle insurance is not required to drive in Mexico, but it highly recommended it. Mexico laws are very strict and the police are not hesitant to make arrests. The best way to put this into perspective is that you are driving in a foreign country, not the United States or Canada! Laws are not applied the same way and you will not find a camera and lawyer on every corner to protect you. Let’s look at some of the most common Mexico scenarios that cause issues for United States and Canada drivers.

  • An Accident – It comes down to two scenarios. One you have a Mexico vehicle insurance policy and the other you do not. In Mexico, involvement in a car accident of any kind, innocent or guilty, is considered a felony and may result in parties being taken into police custody if fines and restitution cannot be paid. If you have a Mexico vehicle insurance policy and are involved in an accident, a Mexican claims adjuster will normally come to the scene of the accident and sort out the details for you and create a claims report. On the other hand, if you do not have a Mexican car insurance policy and cannot afford to pay for the injuries and damages out-of-pocket, you are guaranteed jail time and your car will be impounded.
  • Fleeing The Accident Scene – Whatever you do, do not flee the scene of an accident. This will only increase your problems and your Mexico vehicle insurance will not be able to help you. You will be taken into police custody and the charge will be dealt with separately from the accident.
  • Mexican Vehicle InsuranceVandalism and Partial Vehicle Theft – Can you imagine if your vehicle breaks down and you had to leave it to seek out help and when you returned, you discovered your was car vandalized and half of it was missing? You may be surprised to find out that your standard full coverage Mexico vehicle insurance policy excludes partial theft and vandalism when you file the claim. If you purchase full coverage for your car, ALWAYS purchase the enhanced version of the full coverage policy to ensure this situation is avoided.
  • Stolen Car No Paperwork – All Mexican vehicle insurance policies require claims to be filed from Mexico. In this scenario, your car is stolen or completely destroyed in an accident and the only Mexico insurance policy is in the car, how do you file a claim? Always carry a copy of your insurance policy declarations page on you to ensure you have the appropriate phone numbers and policy information to file a claim while you are in Mexico.
  • Drinking and Driving – Another offense that you will not be able to come out of easily is driving under the influence of alcohol. There is always that chance you may be able to get away with it, but if you are involved in an accident of any kind and you are found to be under the influence, you probably will have no option but to be taken to jail. This is considered a serious offense and you will be deemed guilty regardless of the situation. Your Mexican vehicle insurance will not help as Mexican auto insurance policies specifically void coverage when alcohol is involved. Do the right thing and always have a designated driver!
  • Drugs and Driving – The possession of illegal substances, drugs or otherwise is bad news! The offense becomes something far beyond a vehicle issue as you are breaking the law. Mexican authorities do not take kindly to offenses committed by tourists so it is best to stay on the good side of the law. Your Mexico vehicle insurance also is voided in any situation where drugs are involved.

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